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Nikola Johnson has been a photographer for seven years. She considers herself to be a very optimistic person, striving to allow others to see the good in the world that she experiences daily through her photography. Nikola has travelled, and lived, globally. It is from these unique experiences that her optimistic perspective has been carved from. Two weeks after being born in Turkey, she was swept away on her world tour. Returning again when she was nineteen, Nikola discovered who, and why, she is this way today. Turkey retaught her how to be upbeat and be explosive with colour. It was these colours which mesmerized her and had her rethink the rainbow. After Turkey, Nikola moved to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Canada. A lot of her experience comes from the open atmosphere her parents created. While living abroad, her parents immersed the family into the local customs and traditions. Nikola believes she is a nomad of the world. The other side of the globe can be a universe apart or the distance to the opposite side of a pea.

In the future, Nikola, sees herself being a photographer of the world. She has a passion for everything life has to offer and will constantly give the world all that she is.

Jason Waight has been interested in the world of photography for the past six years and is currently in his last year of photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design. During school he has explored passions rooted from his growing knowledge of make-up design and enjoyed getting direction from modern makeup magazines. His main focus in photography is fashion and editorial, but is also interested in product photography. Waight’s fashion photographs often bring in gender and sexuality issues making his viewers question why humans have marginalized and alienated society’s “others”. His goal is to bring up the roles included in gender and sexuality in his work, directing the viewer to recognize these things in themselves. Waight will use his work to deconstruct the guidelines society has laid out for these groupings, finding and identifying the in-between.

In May 2014 Waight will be walking the stage to receive a Bachelor of Design. When he thinks of the future Waight finds himself dreaming of a life where he is able to sustain himself as a working photographer in the fashion and editorial world.